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 Terra Nova!

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PostSubject: Terra Nova!   Terra Nova! EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 1:08 am

Terra Nova! 344dsih

A Complete The Monument series
Created by Dylanamite

Complete The Monument maps have recently taken the Minecraft community by storm.
Their mix of survival, adventure and puzzle aspects make them one of the best genre of map available to Minecraft players.
I have recently become addicted to CTM maps, and wondered whether I would be able to create my own.
So here it is! I present you with Terra Nova!

What makes Terra Nova different from other CTM maps?

I wanted to make the series as original as I can. I have noticed that a good number of CTM maps use different coloured wool blocks as the 'item' that must be found. Sitting there, staring at the Creative Inventory as I started work on the series, I found myself taking note of how many plants there were... Mushrooms; flowers; lily pads... The list goes on!
I came up with the name Terra Nova, meaning "New World", and the basic storyline that follows along with the maps. As far as I know, there aren't any other maps to use 'lifeforms' to Complete The Monument!
Terra Nova also varies from other maps in the scale of it all. As much as I enjoy the genre of Complete The Monument, some of the areas to explore are insanely large, and can get incredibly tedious!
I therefore decided to make my maps fairly small, but still include all of the challenge included in the other maps!

What is the storyline behind Terra Nova?

In the future, the Earth has suffered vast droughts that have left the continents as dry as the Sahara, killing the crops that everyone has come to rely on so much
People are dying from starvation, and the world is in panic. A group of scientists, however, have come together to fix this pandemic! They will venture out into space, searching planets for lifeforms similar to those that can be found on Earth, hoping they will be able to fix the food shortage!

What rules are there for the maps?

Firstly, you must always play on at least Easy difficulty. Take note that I built the map using Normal difficulty, so I would recommend you played on that. Whatever you do, do not play on Peaceful!
You can only use the Lifeforms that you find in the chests surrounded by glowstone! If you come across a sapling from a tree, or mushrooms in a cave, you CANNOT use these on the "Monument"
You should try to survive in any way you can! I would recommend building bases as you go through the maps, sleeping as often as you can, and keeping any valuable items in a chest.
You are allowed to place or break anything, but please keep in mind that in some maps there are areas or items you cannot break. (For example, in The Caves Of Calamity, you can't break anything in the Starting Cave!)
Things that you cannot break/place will always be stated on signs!
There are many things to do and areas to explore in the maps. If you are ever stuck, and don't know where something is, then I suggest you look out for Glowstone!
Hidden chests and other rooms off the Main Area will always have a block of glowstone near the entrance!
Don't leave the boundaries of the map! It's unlikely you'll ever get to the edge, but if you do make sure you turn back! There's nothing at the boundary anyway so it's pretty pointless being there!
Some maps may have additional rules, and these are stated in that maps section on this post!

Different Map Styles?

Each map will be different from the others in the series! Some may be easier, some harder. Some may have more or less lifeforms to find!

Map Styles
Linear - These maps will have a specific path for you to follow. The first map, The Caves Of Calamity, is very linear. The areas all follow on from the previous one!
Linear Branching - There will be 'intersections' where you can choose where to go, but these intersections are linear. The third map will be Linear Branching.
Open World - You can choose which areas you visit, and when you want to visit them. There is no real path, so you can explore as you wish! The second map, The Infernal Isles, is an Open World style map!


Easy - You aren't expected to die much. The survival is fairly straightforward (for example, resources are readily available.)
Medium - More mobs, harder environmental challenges, and just generally harder. You may die a fair amount of times completing these maps!
Hard - Death will be inevitable, and resources will be limited. Surviving is a much harder task!

Terra Nova! 2q3vhip

The Caves Of Calamity


The Infernal Isles


Terra Nova! 24e72gl

These maps are the Terra Nova equivalent of Race For Wool maps!
They are designed for two teams of either one, two, or three players.

Each team will be assigned a lane, left or right, where they must find all of the Lifeforms in their lane and place them on the Monument! (Much like a traditional Terra Nova map!
However, they will have the other team trying to stop them!
The maps include bows and arrows to fire at the opposing team, along with a variety of traps and tricks to hinder them from finishing first!

The Caves Of Calamity Race


If anyone uploads any play-throughs of any of the Terra Nova maps, then please send me the link and I will post them on this topic!
Also, if you have any feedback, make sure you post it! I appreciate any that I get! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Terra Nova!   Terra Nova! EmptyMon Sep 17, 2012 1:41 am

I know the Terra Nova movie BTW nice map
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Terra Nova!

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