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 Tyrannical Turf Series :D

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Tyrannical Turf Series :D Empty
PostSubject: Tyrannical Turf Series :D   Tyrannical Turf Series :D EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 3:26 pm

So I've posted this on the official Minecraft Forums but maybe I could get some more feedback from anyone on here. I'm looking for reviews and any constructive criticism that you have! I can take harsh criticism as well as long as its justified. >.<

DinosaurWizard Presents...

The Tyrannical Turf CTM Series!

Hello and welcome to my thread! So basically after playing a whole bunch of other CTM maps I decided to copy everyone else and make my own series, Tyrannical Turf! Just like other CTM style maps my maps are designed to challenge and put stress on the player while, hopefully, retaining some semblance of fun. Expect yourself ending up in all kinds of horrible traps and situations that will challenge you and require some use of your brain to survive.

The basic premise, like most CTM, is that you have to find and complete a monument. In my series its called the Puppy Monument(because I like puppies ok?). In order to complete the monument you have to find all 16 colors of wool scattered throughout the world.

In addition to wool my maps will also have 11 hidden records that only the most persistent players will find. These won't be required for map completion and are solely just in as an extra bonus.

Doesn't sound too bad right?
Ok lets get started

Tyrannical Turf Standard Rules:
1. Find and complete the Puppy Monument.
2. Find the wool in chests do not use sheep, dyes, or spider string(you can make wool for beds).
3. You may craft the Iron, Gold, and Diamond blocks.
4. Use at least Easy and never Peaceful (I balance around Normal).
5. Do not leave the boundaries of the map.
6. Survive in any way you can think of.
7. Some maps may have specific rules.
8. No cheaty mods. Such as inventory editors, fly mods, etc. Mods that do not effect game play are fine(optifine is ok).

Difficulty Ratings:
Easy: Vets can still have fun here, but perfect for squishy noobs.
Medium: The perfect balance of challenge. Vets will feel right at home.
Hard: You gonna die.
Cruel: I only make these maps for my own sick enjoyment. Imagine me laughing maniacally while you suffer over and over again. You'll never win one of these


***Currently in open beta!!***

*This map is 99% finished. The other 1% is waiting for minecraft update 1.3 to come out. Its still very playable and I could definitely use the feedback so I can get any quirks out before the update. So download it anyways. I command it.

Difficulty: Easy
Download the map here!

My first real Minecraft map! This is an island based map where the player finds themselves stranded in a strange ocean. Explore all the islands and see if you can complete the monument.



Legal stuff
Basically please make LPs of my maps it helps me refine my map making skills. Don't claim my work as your own. Don't upload my work to other websites.
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Tyrannical Turf Series :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tyrannical Turf Series :D   Tyrannical Turf Series :D EmptySat Jul 21, 2012 12:53 pm

Amazing map btw. Download it. Play it. Nao.

Oh, hello there.
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Tyrannical Turf Series :D

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