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 minecraft jokes

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PostSubject: minecraft jokes   minecraft jokes EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 7:23 pm

god: i can create worlds!
Notch: me too !
god: i can create life !
Notch: me too !
god: i can create circles!
Notch has left the game.
steve: what thas added in the lattest snapshot ?
notch: stronger creepers
steve: that they can do now ?
notch: they can open doors now and their now no longer afraid of cats!
steve: oh-oh...
steve blew up
Notch blew up
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PostSubject: Re: minecraft jokes   minecraft jokes EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 11:17 am

Steve: "I'll just make this area out of dirt and put torches on the walls to prevent enderman from taking it"
*one minecraft day later*
Steve "What happened to my dirt base?"
Enderman #1: "...torches fell. He really thought that would stop me from the outside"
Enderman #2: "Where'd you put the dirt"
Enderman #1: you'll find out in 3, 2,"
*Giant sideways end portal surrounded by dirt*
Enderdragon (from other side of portal): "You think you can pick on my children?"
*Steve was killed by enderdragon*
*Steve was killed by enderdragon*
*Steve was killed by enderdragon*
*Steve hit the ground too hard*
*Steve left the game*
Enderman 1: "Better set the trap up again."

The curse of herobrine
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minecraft jokes

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